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In the US, 70% of LearnTech software licences are never activated (Clever Inc, 2018). We see two factors causing this.  Either, LearnTech solutions are not incubated with educators onboard, or the pedagogy and content isn't strong enough for it to be implemented and integrated. To solve this problem, we offer; 1:1 consultancy on your Learntech solution pedagogy and content, plus cluster incubation bootcamps internationally.

1:1 Consultancy

All LearnTech solutions should have credible pedagogy and provide content that facilitates their learning goals. We mentor LearnTech startups on the development of their solution, by using a blend of pedagogies currently used in Finnish and international contexts. This ensures that they are implemented and integrated over a longer time period in learning environments. We at EDvisor Finland incubate LearnTech startups from ideation to validation, so that your pedagogy has impact and scalability.

LearnTech workshops

Modern learning environments are transitioning from didactic methods towards more progressive pedagogies that build the competencies needed from learners in the future. Without engineering credible, scientific research-based pedagogy into LearnTech, no solution will make into a classroom. Passive and outdated pedagogies are clear signs that LearnTech solutions need early intervention to incubate successfully. Through EDvisor Finland's Cluster LearnTech Workshops, we ensure that LearnTech ecosystems have pedagogical impact, in order to internationalise at scale. Our early and timely intervention save time and money spent on tech and business, by putting startups on the right path early on.