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In the US, 70 per cent of EdTech software licences are never activated (Clever Inc, 2018). The reason for this is that either the EdTech tool itself isn't developed with educators, or the pedagogy and content isn't strong enough for it to be implemented in the classroom. What we offer is, firstly, we will look at your product from a educator's perspective and identify what it needs in order to be implemented into a learning environment successfully. From there, we can support your team in three ways.

Pedagogy and Content

All EdTech should be clear on its pedagogy and provide content that facilitates its learning goals. This ensures that any app stands the test of time and is integrated over a longer time, in online, offline and face-to-face contexts. We create sound pedagogy, content and materials for multiple contexts so that your EdTech tool has longevity in its learning environment.


We mentor EdTech startups on the development of their tool by using modern pedagogies, currently used in Finnish classrooms today. The modern classroom has moved on from direct instruction towards more complex pedagogies, that build the competencies needed from learners in the future. Passive and outdated pedagogies are clear signs that EdTech tools needs to be developed at an early stage with teachers on board. Through mentoring, we will assure that your product advances the capabilities that integrate your product over the long-term.


Our graphic communicates the balance of capabilities we look for when guiding EdTech professionals to create products that achieve recognition and remain a vital component in the classroom. 

We can pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses using our heatmap and the necessary product development to attain longevity among users,